Follow the ongoing travels and adventures of Rob and Marlane as they cruise the Canals of the UK and Europe aboard their narrow boat 'Oo-La-La', read the monthly account of their travels and view photos documenting those travels. Follow the adventures of Rob and Marlane as they cruise the canals of England and Europe aboard their narrow boat OO-LA-LA
cruising the waterways of the UK by canalboat

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Rob and MarlaneAdded 8th May 2004

Latest updates.....

Winter in Paris 2003-2004

Added 15th November 2003

Latest updates.....

October 2003: Oyster Festival, The Jules Verne, Paris Jazz

Added 15th October 2003

Latest updates.....

September 2003: Paris!

Added 14th September 2003

Latest updates.....

August 2003: Rivers L’Yonne, La Seine, Ile de France- Paris!

July 2003: La Saone, Canal du Bourgonne, l’Yonne. CRASH

Added 18th July 2003

Latest updates.....

June 2003 - “ Hit that ditch, shoot that Etang and crawl up the Rhone to the Saone!”

Added 17th June 2003

Latest updates.....

May 2003: Bordeaux to Capestang

Added 21st May 2003

Latest updates.....

April 2003 :Toulouse to Bordeaux, Canal lateral a la Garonne and the Garonne River

Added 7th April 2003

Latest updates.....

March 2003 :Carnival, chateaus and bateaus

Added 16th March 2003

Latest updates.....

February 2003 : Experience the food and the music of France and you will start to know the people.

Added 11th February 2003

Latest updates.....

January 2003

December 2002: Xmas in France.....

Added 24th December 2002

Latest updates.....

November 2002: Toulouse, Charles and Michael, Markets, Beaujolais nouveau, archeological dig, Wine festivals, a River Cruise.....

Added 19th November 2002

Latest updates.....

October 2002: Beziers to Toulouse, wine, food and great views...

Added 19th October 2002

Latest updates.....

August 2002: Big Changes in August . We decide to sell our narrow boat OO-LA-LA, go to Montpellier, France and buy a 40 foot steel Dutch canal cruiser. A very intense six weeks finds us comfortably aboard our new boat near Montpellier (Southern France) waiting for our luggage to arrive.

September 2002: New boat, new country, new language, etangs, the canal du Midi, glorious wines, and beautiful weather. The South of France – OO-LA-LA.

Added 12th August 2002

July update.....

Anderton Boat Lift, Tunnels, Lots of Tunnels, Stone, Braunston. Canals = Leeds & Liverpool, Trent & Mersey, Bridgewater, Middlewich, Coventry, Oxford.

July 2002

Added 9th July 2002

June update.....

Charms of The River Avon, Stratford-on-Avon Celebrates the Queen's Golden Jubilee, Birmingham City Moorings, St. John's Ambulance Charity Narrowboat Race, World Cup Madness, Dirty Main Line out of Birmingham, Black Country Museum mooring, Wales town of Llangollen, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Middlewich and stoppage near the Anderton Lift. New and Improved Map.

June 2002

Added 11th June 2002

May update.....

May is a big month, we see the Queen in Bath, Sharon and Tim Stainken visit for a few days, OO-LA-LA goes to sea in the Bristol Channel and we finally have a map of our travels.

May 2002

Added 10th May 2002

April update.....

This month covers our voyage from Reading to Bath, a distance of 75 ¼ miles. Including 23 new pictures.

April 2002

Added 12th April 2002

March update.....

Cruising on from Aylesbury, via Oxford and back onto the Thames, including 11 new photos.

March 2002

An addition to the links page - Braunston Marina Site

Added 6th March 2002

February update.....

2002 Cruising Season begins with a trip from London to Bristol via the Grand Union and Oxford canals - The Scenic Route. Aylesbury Arm.

February 2002

Added 8th February 2002

A few new photographs added in the Travelogue section.

January 2002 - 14 new photographs added, showing Camden Town, our winter mooring and various others.

December 2001 - 8 assorted new photographs added.

November 2001 - 2 new photographs added

An addition to the links page - Houseboating Magazine

Added 31st January 2002

As you can see we have a new website design, this site has just been launched today! We hope you enjoy the site and all content. Please drop us a line with any feedback or suggestions you may have.....

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cruising the waterways of the UK by canalboat
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travel and the uk canals
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